10 thoughts on “Why do some NHS authorities continue to ignore the NHS Vitamin D guideline on Halal?

  1. This is digusting!
    It is a clear violation against patient beliefs all for the sake of cost cutting yet the NHS still disturbingly overspend!

    Why not spend on products that adhere to patient beliefs?


  2. I find your article/report very interesting!
    As a former member of the NHS, I’ve got private, it does disgust me that the NHS are happy to overspend everywhere yet they complain and take shortcuts when the cost is a little higher and it would fit into a person’s beliefs.

    Believe me, halal is not the only aspect that the NHS do not understand, it is the same for kosher and they can’t tell the difference between some religions!

    But shame on the manufactures for not being honest about their products!


  3. As a member of the private sector in healthcare, I believe this ignorance for specific beliefs and lack of knowledge and understanding of terms in this case, halal, is complete throughout the entire healthcare environment.

    I myself am prescribed Vitamin D but I find that Adcal with calcium isn’t very friendly to me yet when I complain to my GP I’m not allowed to choose what product suits me!


  4. This is absolutely pathetic!

    I’m a strict Hindu and I requested a box of Pro D3 from my doctor as I know about the ingredients. What was I given instead?

    Fultium D3 which contains gelatine, approved or not, it is completely against my beliefs. Guess which CCG I come under? Birmingham. Well done(!)


  5. As a current NHS doctor, the NHS would rather pay more amounts of money in prescribing cheaper options again and again rather than giving the patient their preferred medication


  6. That proves it! Pro D3 is the only Halal option. Real Halal!
    No Muslim should ever accept a gelatine based product whether it has been approved or not, it is NOT Halal!


  7. Under what basis is fultium-D3 not halal as both their OTC (Fultium Daily) and POM (Fultium-D3) supplements say the gelatin is engineered to halal and kosher specification…


  8. Who is the author of this article!?? Sounds like some conflict of interest here!!!
    My family observe a halal diet and are prescribed Desunin tablets, which is suitable for vegetarians and has no alcohol.

    it is also important to note Pro D3 does not have a product license unlike Desunin and Fultium.

    It is a shame how the whole Halal / Kosher thing is being exploited for financial gain …. What next Halal / Kosher Paracetamol tablets? is Gaviscon Halal?
    Do all anti-hypertensive, diabetic medication etc, need to be halal / kosher certified before it can be taken by patients? …Lets be realistic and apply some common sense here please!!

    According to this article, we now need to ensure that everything is stamped Halal or Kosher and ‘suitable for vegetarians’ is no longer suitable …. bye bye Cadburys, Mars, Walkers, Weetabix, Pepsi, Walls, Nestle ……..


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